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kraty pomostowe

INVEST - Gratings, Grating Mostostal, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

We are specialized in sales of steel products
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Manufacturing of seamed steel tubes.

Diameter [mm] Thickness [mm]
od ø 350 to ø 5000 and abovefrom 3 to 25


Pipes are supplied with dimensions according to customer specification.

Tolerances on dimensions and shape

Outer diameter:

Outer diameter in mmMaximum deviation in mm
ø 350 to 1016 +- ø x 0,5% + 1
ø 1220 - 2220+- 6
ø 2230 and moreas agreed with the client

Lengths of pipe:

Tubes with outer diameter 350-1220 mm - max length of 12 m
Tubes with an outside diameter above 1220 mm - negotiated
(In order to achieve the required length of pipe, the individual elements are welded to each other circumferential welds segments. The maximum length of one element is 3 m).


Pipes are visually equal. Straightness deviation is 2 mm to 1 m in length. The total deviation is the sum of the allowable deviation for 1m pipe, the value may not exceed:
  • for up to 6 m 10 mm
  • length of 6-9 m for 15 mm
  • for 9-12 m length 20 mm
Type of weld

Pipes are welded semi-MIG-131, MAG-135, 125 - automatic submerged arc welding core wire.

The edges of the tube

- Simple
- bevelled


Pipes are supplied:
  • without a protective coating
  • after sandblasting
  • with insulation
Additional services:

- Grinding of welds
- Installation of additional elements on the pipes in the form of collars, rings, supports, reinforcements, etc.

Pipe research

Performs the following tests:
-visual inspection of the weld surface,
-dimensional control,
-leak test method for penetration,
-NDT ultrasonic welding or radiologically in the reception class B, C, D,
-Other tests can be agreed.

Pipe marking

For extruded tubes are the following: manufacturer, size, character grade, no melting, no production pipe, no welding.


3.1 Approval of the plate in accordance with BS EN 10204
Declaration of compliance with the order 2.1 according to DIN EN 10204
Study Reports

gradesCMnSiP maxS maxCr maxNi maxMoVCutemperatureequivalents
St36K0,08-0,16min 0,400,15-0,350,0450,0450,300,30--max 0,30450P235GH/HI1.0345
St41K0,12-0,20min 0,45--P265GH/HII1.0425
St44K0,14-0,22min 0,55--P285NH-
K10max 0,17min 0,400,20,35--max 0,25St35.8-
16Mo30,12-0,200,40-0,90max 0,350,0300,0250,30 max0,300,25-0,35-max 0,3050016M1.5415
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