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We offer platform gratings with a wide range of applications made by Mostostal. Invest Poznan specializes in steel products sales. Mostostal Poznan gratings are the guarantee of the highest quality.

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INVEST - Gratings, Grating Mostostal, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

We are specialized in sales of steel products
About us

We are a company with technical and trade profile. We are specialized in products such as stainless steel, stainless steel fittings, non-ferrous metals, also drawn rods, bars drawn, gratings, perforated metal, grating platforms, ropes and bolts.
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Unalloyed structural steel in accordance with EN 10025 standards Prêty ci±gnione see table
Boiler steel for pressure vessels in accordance with EN 10028 standards kratownice see table
Boiler steel for pressure vessels in accordance with EN 10028 standards Perforowanie blach see table
High yield strength quenched and tempered structural steel plates in accordance with EN 10137 standards stal manganowa see table
High yield strength steel for cold forming in accordance with EN 10149 standards cynkowanie ogniowe see table
Quenched and tempered steel in accordance with EN 10083 standards wyroby stalowe see table
Case-carbourizing steel in accordance with EN 10084 standards Perforowanie blach see table
Hydrogen resistant steel stal manganowa see table
Marine quality stainless steel Prêty ci±gnione see table
Abrasion resistant steel – abrasion-resisting steel and hard manganese steel Kraty stalowe see table
Steel according to the ASTM standards kraty wema see table
Marine grades Malowanie proszkowe see table
DOMEX 700 MC Kraty stalowe see table
420 MCD DOMEX ¶ruby see table
DOMEX Wear liny stalowe see table
Furthermore Prêty ci±gnione see table
Comparison of standards kratownice see table

cynkowanie ogniowe see table

Aluminium Prêty ci±gnione see table
Bronze kratownice see table
Brass and Copper Perforowanie blach see table
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